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~ 28/06/17

DoOver Specialist Vikki Watt and artist Karey Maurice @ Opera Gallery NYC.

While strolling to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Breuer building location formerly known as the Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue several months ago. I walked passed an art gallery that was displaying an early Keith Haring painting that caught my attention.
I thought to myself maybe? Maybe I could walk in and talk to someone there about my personal connection with Keith and hope for the best?
Well three months later I got an invitation to a fantastic opening reception for the artist exhibition of Bernard Buffett paintings. So I call up my partner in crime Vikki Watt and we go to explore the amazing collection this gallery has to offer.
To my surprise they rotate there artists and mix the exhibitions by peppering in a few highlights. For example this Keith Haring painting behind us is a good example of the diverse collection Opera Gallery has in their inventory because we were actually there for a Botero and Sequi exhibition that was just breathtaking.
I wish I could have signed a purchase order the minute I saw a couple of pieces on display.

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~ 08/08/16

34TH Street Manhattan © KaM© 2016

34TH Street Manhattan © KaM© 2016

Just recently I have been able to move about more freely due to the nice hot summer weather. I’ve had a few things on my mind to check out while I had the chance and I accomplished what I could within reason.
One was to walk the Highline elevated park in Manhattan as far as I could,then find the new Whitney museum.

The second goal was to once again travel to New York City and get on the Staten Island Ferry and ride it across the bay to Staten Island and back to Manhattan.

So far I have accomplished one which is to find the Whitney Museum via the Highline and enjoy the sights & people in and around the area. It’s one of my favorite locations now in Manhattan now that I have explored it.

I even had to return to it sooner than I expected because on the day I was there I lost my iPod and miraculously someone sent me an email letting me know that they had found it.

I have always been sort of lucky in Manhattan so this to me is an indication that I should try and make a go at it again to see how far my artwork can take me? I LOVE NEW YORK!

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~ 05/02/06

This was my map that I used when I was discovering New York City back in 1979. It is complete with a grid on top that I created to find the quickest route to get from one place to another by walking or subway if I could afford it.
I also used this map to coordinate a time place and location where I would meet my friends. Most of the time it was Washington Square Park in the west village. That was the simplest and,the most popular. But only if you were of a certain type;artsy I’ll say and, certainly not homophobic!

Notice the area of green and the yellow colored in to indicate something?

If you look carefully you will see some of the hottest clubs listed all of which are defunct institutions now. As far as the New York night life is concerned I personally think the music (dance) has left New York and flew south forever to Miami South Beach.
Ever since my problem started in 2006 [spinal disc degeneration] I cannot dance or travel like I use to do so one only has their memory & experience to fall back on.
The days of pure dancing the night away (without heavy drug use.) and forgetting about all your troubles seems like a lost art.I think dancing is so important to all cultures even if you dance to a different drum beat.
And we need to remember that it is a real celebration of life! Thats why my friend Keith Haring painted about it in his art and lived it during his lifetime. I just read a reprint of the K.H. Journals and Robert Farris Thompson breaks it [it meaning the paintings.] down to it’s simplest understanding and it’s raw direct emotion towards post modern (museum quality) art.

I’m so glad I have a knack for saving and documenting shit because I have my whole life captured in some form or fashion. All kinda mapped out except for life’s general surprises that take you on a personal internal Journey.