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~ 25/02/17

Artist’s Phillip Pearlstein and painter Karey Maurice Counts.

Artist Karey Maurice with photographer Jon Naar.

When I started out dreaming about becoming an artist and being impressed upon by just about anything [successful] I thought was relative to the vision I had in mind.
There were a number things that influenced me outside the realm of painting and drawing but within it, I was drawn to the figure as form like most art students.

I had an Instructor whose paintings were a dead ringer for the school of Phillip Pearlstein (seated behind me.) which is a hyper realism rendered from photographs as I learned later in a gallery discussion last week from the man himself who is in his 90’s. The only difference between the two is this particular instructor worked from live models and a more reductive color palatte.

I would be a fool to ignore or not mention the influence of Hip Hop and Graffiti again with it’s focus on the body and identity but in a slightly different way.This urgent more impulsive art form is more physical in a real time sense. Not staged in a room or professional studio painted in sessions over a long period of time.

The man shown here in the second picture is Jon Naar also in his 90’s who happened to photograph these young artists in the mid to late 1970’s and give a face to the public art that was popping up everywhere on walls and also being done on subway trains in New York.

All three men have studied the human figure and what it is capable of under many different physical conditions capturing the moment just long enough to leave an impression on us.

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~ 04/03/11

Jim Budman Studio New York City

Going to Art Expo is like attending a visual circus (in a good way) with lots of things to look at and enteract with,while you hope to make some kind of connection with someone you share business interest with to further your career.
In 2005 I had such an encounter and the day turned into an evening of unexpected delight when I ran into Ed Burke of Beautiful Films and Rascal the artist on display from Puerto Rico,both of which I first met in Princeton at an event at the University just one year prior through my friend Anthony Fearron;now an abstract painter himself, who befriended Tom Szaky founder of TerraCycle the fastest growing green business in the world today who was also there as a student at the time.
That evening Ed invited me to visit Budman Studios owned by Jim Budman photographer/entrepreneur down in Soho for a little after Expo party.So I headded downtown on the no.6 train and arrived at the building on the corner of Lafayette & Prince Street and when I arrived Jim Budman greeted me at the door and welcomed me inside. Jim asked what my name was and when I told him he emediately wanted to change it,telling me it was too long.I found that comment interesting and I had to remind him that we also met in Princeton at the University the same evening I met everyone else just to familiarize myself a little more.
The studio was amazing as Ed toured me around,art everywhere,but the most amazing was the White Room connected to the rest of the place through a hole in the wall, not your average door threshold to say the least.Once inside everything was pure white, the walls, the furniture,everything and the view of the city was one of the best I’ve ever experienced once you got on to the balcony.
To cap off the evening Ed told me that Maripol was going to stop by and she did,although we didn’t speak I was thrilled to somewhat meet her and couldn’t help but to wonder if I reminded her of Jean-Michel because I got that a lot back in the day when I was on the scene more often twenty years (Wow that long ago) ago because we kinda favor but not in detail.I would present to her a small painting as a gift a year later at the Soho Grand Hotel at an event showcasing her polaroid photos of 1980’s Pop culture celebrities. So Artexpo can be a great experience if you know the who’s who of the artworld and get invited to the events that occur after the lights go off at the Javits Center (correction) now at pier 94 on the Hudson.