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~ 08/10/17

The biggest Halloween extravaganza you ever want to attend in your life!
Never mind the thousands of comic book action adventure super hero & villian fans that you have to navigate your way through, this convention now extends itself way beyond the glass cube of the Jacob Javitz exposition center.

The protocol for obtaining an access pass is quite extensive for a good number of reasons and I have no problems with the rules! It’s well worth it.

Now the adventure began with locating where the vendors were located that I wanted to check out as to save some wear and tear on my body. This I thought would be easier than what really happened.

But I was pleasantly surprised while walking through to see the Chicago based artist Hebru Brantley towering over most of the crowd looking at some displays.

Then it was time to find a very important artist that I met during the old Pop Shop Days named Andre Charles who I haven’t seen since I bumped into him in New York some time in the early nineteenth nineties.

New York ComicCon 2017 Artists Hebru Brantley and Karey Maurice.l

New York Comic Con 2017 Artists A. Charles and Karey Maurice

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~ 18/02/11

“Every year for the past twenty one years, around this time I have two major reasons to reflect on the life I have been blessed to experience, and to now share with anyone who is interested in reading about it.
The first reason is that I was born an African American male which has its challenges but also a very deep connection to something that remains elusive to my comprehension due to the lack of information that;not even black history month can supply for me personally.
“My second reason is the fact that during my many adventures into New York City as a post teenager I had the pleasure to meet and become friends with the late Keith Haring who died this month on February 16,1990 of HIV/AIDS related illnesses.One of the last times I spent time with Keith was at an art exhibition at the Vrej Bagoohmian (a hush hush name in the art world) gallery where the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat was on display.
We greated each other and walked around the gallery together looking at the pieces and Keith asked me to tell him whether or not the paintings were original or prints, he had to touch them because his vision was failing him.His mood seemed encouraging but I knew underneath his exterior he was depressed because he knew he was going to die just like Jean-Michel (“but under different circumstances.) just two years prior and Andy Warhol only one year before that so he seemed a bit hurried and nervous, and I began to feel the same way;he said to me that Basquiat was the best as we continued to view the exhibition and then it was time for him to leave and we shook hands and said goodbye.
The very last time I saw Keith Haring was at his Pop Shop store while I was visiting New York doing my usual routeen of checking out the village and soho,I was surprised to see him and we shook hands and that was it.

I now have this reproduction of the original portrait I painted for him available on my Society6 online store.Just click on the link to the left to be directed to the sales page.

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~ 11/05/08

I received an invitation to a celebration that I’m sorry I missed two weeks ago. I cannot mention in this entry all the thanks I could give to a person who’s belief in me was pure and honest.

I have other entries that give my respect for Keith Haring and I have some great memories of him that will always be inspirational to me for the rest of my life. I want to say happy belated birthday to a great artist and most of all, a great friend.

The ‘Party of Life’ was the event that I was invited to and I thank whoever sent it to me but, I can’t dance like I use to due to a recent accident and some hearing loss from hanging out in discos for a decade. I was aware of this annual event since its inception at the Paradise Garage back in 1986 and I was surprised to see that somebody wanted to keep the party alive after all this time, kudos to you.
-RedSaid aka KaMo

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~ 09/07/06

Keith Haring artwork ©1989 Estate of Keith Haring
I got this pin back in 1989 from the PopShop when multicultural themes were very popular in the United States because of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.During this time there was a new sense of pride generated in African Americans and everybody claimed their allegiance to the motherland,everyone was wearing stuff with red,black,green and yellow.Keith Haring was very active in this movement even before the rest of us caught on.He first made us aware of ourselves by documenting our dance rituals in his artwork,then he made his free South Africa posters & buttons and handed them out for free on occations.In his book titled “Keith Haring Journals, Keith mentions that he is gald that he is a gay white male because he was really ashamed of white male atrocities committed throughout the history of this earth.I think thats why I gravitated towards him because I knew he wasn’t the average white person who would normally look the other way or clutch their child when an African American walked near them.RedSaid

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~ 05/06/06

The Tunnel was one of four large nightclubs that kept on changing with the croud.At first it was club & house music then it progressed into the techno/rave scene and finally Hip Hop with Funk Master Flex at the wheels of steel on Sunday nights.

If you didn’t know, the tunnel was an old train tunnel platform,the dance floor was where the tracks would normally be and it went into a tunnel that was blocked off by a gate,hence the name tunnel.there was a lounge designed by Kenny scharf called the “Cosmic Cavern”that I personally didn’t get a chance to check out while it was there.
I remember the night that Bipo from the Pop Shop was going to debut his new track called “Crack is Wack”based on Keith Haring’s murals with the same title.I had V.I.P status that night and I remember going into the dressing room before the show and seeing all these fine girls packed in the room trying to get Bipo’s autograph & stuff.

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~ 14/05/06

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring / Bipo & Deana 1987

I use to have alot of fun chillin out with Bipo and anyone who we could get to pose for the camera.
When you look at this store with people in it you get the feeling of being in someones brain complete with all the thoughts imaginable about enjoying life to its maximum!
I remember hanging out and the phone would ring Bipo would stop charming the customers to answer. When it was Keith calling from the studio,he would ask who was there at the Pop Shop and Bipo would say”its just me and Karey” and;Keith would say”good send him over to the studio with this order for my guest.”
I use to get so excited because Bipo would tell me who the stuff was for before I headed out the door on my way to the studio.
Some of the studio guest that I remember dropping in on were:Pee Wee Herman,Jean Paul Gaultier,Erin Cosby and George Michael although I was not permitted to enter the studio on that day or when Paul Rubens was in the house.RedSaid

Bipo with unknown girl smoking indoors

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 09/05/06

“Since I have been receiving a some response to this blog page especially the Haring “Memoirs” in particular I have decided to post more information to keep those interested and entertained.

I have just recently contacted the Keith Haring Foundation in order to get their permission and blessings to publish the items I have been posting on this website/blog. Happily I would like to let you know that they have granted my wishes.
I now will freely post most of the memorabillia that I have including some personal memories to go alone with it.
I would like to thank Annelise Ream for her permission to post my keepsakes and the Foundation for their support.Thanks -RedSaid

Now with the story about this great invitation that I got straight from the Pop Shop counter right after they were dropped off from the studio by someone.
I was hanging out with Bipo as usual just chillin keeping him company watching the customers come and go when these arrived.I knew about the party because Keith told me about it one day at the studio and the cool thing about this invite is that it was done on both sides by Keith including the layout & text.
I will show that at a later time and talk more about the party so stay tuned for that because when you read about the entertainment on this bill your gonna wish you were there but, I will do my best to fill you in on what I experienced that night. -RedSaid
Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 17/04/06

This was how the original store looked like back in 1986 with its swinging curved door giving you a view of the stockroom.The photo also includes Bipo the original manager who was instrumental in me meeting Keith Haring & Tseng Kwon Chi and the rest of the crew dubbed “The Harrintons” by Chi Chi Valenti of those “Nation”days before Madonna made it popular with her Hit song titled: “Vouge”which was probably in rotation on the awesome little sound system hooked up in the place.
I would hang out there for hours until Bobby Bresleau (R.i.P) or David Spada would kick me out but Bipo would tell me to just leave and come back and that’s just what I did in those days before I accually met Keith Haring in April of 1987 at a photo shoot in front of the “Crack is Wack” mural on E.Houston Street.
For the real “Pop Art” fan, if you look carefully at the photo to the left you will notice the portrait of Keith done by Andy Warhol who was instrumental in encouraging Keith to open the shop had his own teeshirt and, y’all don’t see the Kenny Scharf tee up-n-there do you?All sold at this never to be forgotten New York institution and source of inspiration forever.
For the Capitan & Crew “The Best,RedSaid

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 05/02/06

This was my map that I used when I was discovering New York City back in 1979. It is complete with a grid on top that I created to find the quickest route to get from one place to another by walking or subway if I could afford it.
I also used this map to coordinate a time place and location where I would meet my friends. Most of the time it was Washington Square Park in the west village. That was the simplest and,the most popular. But only if you were of a certain type;artsy I’ll say and, certainly not homophobic!

Notice the area of green and the yellow colored in to indicate something?

If you look carefully you will see some of the hottest clubs listed all of which are defunct institutions now. As far as the New York night life is concerned I personally think the music (dance) has left New York and flew south forever to Miami South Beach.
Ever since my problem started in 2006 [spinal disc degeneration] I cannot dance or travel like I use to do so one only has their memory & experience to fall back on.
The days of pure dancing the night away (without heavy drug use.) and forgetting about all your troubles seems like a lost art.I think dancing is so important to all cultures even if you dance to a different drum beat.
And we need to remember that it is a real celebration of life! Thats why my friend Keith Haring painted about it in his art and lived it during his lifetime. I just read a reprint of the K.H. Journals and Robert Farris Thompson breaks it [it meaning the paintings.] down to it’s simplest understanding and it’s raw direct emotion towards post modern (museum quality) art.

I’m so glad I have a knack for saving and documenting shit because I have my whole life captured in some form or fashion. All kinda mapped out except for life’s general surprises that take you on a personal internal Journey.