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~ 29/03/17

Home of the honest artist.

9/11 video @Red Balloon Studio
The producer of this video exposé just posted this to my Facebook page a few days ago. I am so grateful for this footage to now be viewed by the entire world.It illustrates the power I posses to predict certain events when I gather information through the media.

This creation no longer exists in its original state but I am so grateful that this film was created to preserve one of the greatest works of art I’ve ever produced.

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~ 25/02/17

Artist’s Phillip Pearlstein and painter Karey Maurice Counts.

Artist Karey Maurice with photographer Jon Naar.

When I started out dreaming about becoming an artist and being impressed upon by just about anything [successful] I thought was relative to the vision I had in mind.
There were a number things that influenced me outside the realm of painting and drawing but within it, I was drawn to the figure as form like most art students.

I had an Instructor whose paintings were a dead ringer for the school of Phillip Pearlstein (seated behind me.) which is a hyper realism rendered from photographs as I learned later in a gallery discussion last week from the man himself who is in his 90’s. The only difference between the two is this particular instructor worked from live models and a more reductive color palatte.

I would be a fool to ignore or not mention the influence of Hip Hop and Graffiti again with it’s focus on the body and identity but in a slightly different way.This urgent more impulsive art form is more physical in a real time sense. Not staged in a room or professional studio painted in sessions over a long period of time.

The man shown here in the second picture is Jon Naar also in his 90’s who happened to photograph these young artists in the mid to late 1970’s and give a face to the public art that was popping up everywhere on walls and also being done on subway trains in New York.

All three men have studied the human figure and what it is capable of under many different physical conditions capturing the moment just long enough to leave an impression on us.

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~ 05/04/16

I am pleased to announce that my work is now represented by Gallery353 a new contemporary art gallery in Princeton New Jersey. All I can say at this point in my career is that “It’s a long road and, there’s no turning back.”
People have already asked me ‘how’ did this happen and my answer is: I just made a phone call once I read an article about the gallery owner Mr.Patrick Ryan who’s family once owned a dairy farm in Ewing Township,New Jersey where I grew up a very long time ago. I made an appointment and showed him my latest artwork and he was very excited to see these paintings.
But more important than the artwork he understood where I was coming from literally and artistically once he heard my story about being one of the missing ‘links’ to the 1980’s Downtown art scene. It also didn’t hurt to have two photographs of the lost photo shoot I did with photographer Tseng Kwon Chi & Keith Haring I was looking for for about thirty years!

What I’m really amazed about is that the gallery couldn’t be in a more Ideal place for me in terms of location to my studio which is about .75 miles down the street. This makes transporting work from one place to another a snap with the proper assistance helping me. I couldn’t have planned this situation for myself if I were my own genie from an imaginary bottle!!

"You + ME = Gallery353

“You + ME = Gallery353

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~ 19/08/15

Two exhibitions that are on view right now locally have a significant point of reference which is the artwork produced by three artists.
The timing couldn’t be any better to see the artwork of an artist and where his or her influence comes from first hand all at once by visiting two local museums during the month of August.

To make a long story short and interesting I will start by saying “These two artist Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are really at the center when it comes to understanding my particular style of mixing Neo-expressionism Pop and social political issues all together.

I’ve also left clues to the past by using images from art history that I find relevant and to the point I’m trying to make. Most people have no idea that I am a part of that movement Howie Montaug coined “The New York Downtown 500” of which I was number 499 if anyone is counting.

On August 9th I gave a gallery talk at the museum and I simply instructed the audience to visit the Princeton Art Museum to look at the work of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring then return to the Trenton City Museum and look once again at my two sculptures. Clearly you will see the heavy influence these two artists had on me and my continuation of the dialog that is still relevant to todays social and moral issues.

Of Color.... exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Of Color…. exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

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~ 08/08/14

US1 cover of (artist sculptor) Seward Johnson

I just picked up a copy of the local “What’s Happening” news paper US1 that serves Mercer’s County with vital information about current businesses/ people profiles/social events/community networking opportunities but thats not all.

For years since the paper was introduced to the public it has been a vital source of information about people and what their passion is and how it relates to the rest of us in a tangible way.

“Something you can sink your teeth into if you know what I mean?” In other words the information can be useful and when it comes to covering the activities of local artists I can’t think of another person [I stand corrected: Ilene Dube & Janet Parcel] who has consistently reported on the State of The Arts more than Mr. Dan Aubrey who I have known since my brief college years at Mercer County Community College and my off and on relationship with TAWA (Trenton Artist Workshop) over the past three decades.

Dan has managed to be where the action is consistently in his writing about the local art scene which is very well known at this point thanks to his heads up reporting for example his latest article on Seward Johnson founder of Grounds for Sculpture and the man I like to call the Walt Disney of art for the common man.

Trenton in particular seriously needed someone passionate enough to capture what has been going on underneath the radar (now computer) screens of the world actually. I often though about doing the job myself going around to different events and giving my opinion about it but I didn’t think people would take me seriously because of a lack of academic credentials on my part. So I’m glad we have a person like Mr. Aubrey who has been around long enough to sift through the sh_t and only write about the Shine-Ola!! Great Job! Dan Aubrey I solute you….

My Seward Johnson story begins right when the family was going through all that Estate problems because it was highly publicized. I was working at the time ironically right down the street from where I currently live. The department store named Epstein’s is where she [The Mistress] would pull up in a limousine and buy her shoe(s) and; everybody always gossiped about the help (Maid) inheriting Jasna Polana the family Estate on route 206 that is now a world class golf course and country club for the elite. I also use to live walking distance from this unbelievable property and had the pleasure of attending a couple of events there. To describe how the Johnson’s lived in that particular location would be exploitive if I went into detail about the decor. Lets just say no expense was spared!

Shortly after those events and a few failed attempts to join the foundry as an apprentice sculptor I ended up working in 2001 at the restaurant RAT’s inside Grounds For Sculpture and I met Seward a few times while he was entertaining people in his private studio which has a door located in one of the dining rooms upstairs of the restaurant. His journey is unorthodox and I certainly can relate to that and truly believe in the karma that he spoke about in Mr. Aubrey’s article.

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~ 08/01/13

Palmer Square Princeton,New Jersey

Thinking of only good will and the best of intentions I find this year 2013 quite a surprise. On New Years Day I get the news that one of my greatest supporters passed away and I had to make a long painful road trip to pay my respect so,off to Atlanta,GA which is where I am right now dropping the science.
My feeling is that things are always dark before the light can shine through and brighten things up. I also feel some sort of transition heading my way because I have invested so much time into a few projects situatuions that enevitably will come to a positive end and, hopefully, I will come through in a much better position than when the year began. I won’t get into any sort of detail about what I expect but I will say that I plan on exercising my right to the persuit of happiness which may at times cause me a little discomfort but the pleasure outweights the pain in most cases.
The really most important thing for me is that I now have full Health Insurance so I can be in good shape when this change occures and requires a little physical strenght to get my house in order so to speak. After taking this road trip I realize that I must get my Volvo back on the road so interstate [if possible] travel can be handled comfortably and in my own capacity.
As far as the artwork goes I’m preparing for my exhibition “Cross Your Heart” in my hometown of Trenton,New Jersey which I truly believe will be my last exhibition there unless I’m offered an opportunity to exhibit at the City or State Museum(s) because anything less would be a complete insult to me as a true Trentonian and secondly as an artist who has the tenure and press articles to back up his career. I welcome fresh situations this year that will lead me to an adventure and better understanding of my sense of purpose in this exsistance.

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~ 28/12/12

When I think about the the passage of time (in this case 365 days.) I try to think about the most significant events that literally made a difference in my life. The one that stands out the most is the fact that I have a permanent residence in a place that I could only imagine if my pockets were a lot fatter, but,somehow the universe has opened up and allowed me to settle into my new digs.I love being in Princeton, New Jersey it seems Ideal for a person like me who has limited mobility who needs the convenience of public transportation and a small hamlet of a town to do my shopping and of course,socializing in the local bars & restaurants.
The second important event(s) was working on my health at the health center and see major improvements from the time I signed up and seeing the results right before my eyes and making this regiment a permanent part of my new lifestyle.
I did however experience a few eye opening revelations while I tried to reclaim my old stomping grounds (Trenton,NJ) but the powers that be made sure that wouldn’t happen;not on their watch and, rightfully so because I’ve learned that you can’t re-step into your old footprints because you hopefully have new shoes on your feet at the moment. Coming in February I will be exhibiting my new artwork at the Trenton Social located where my second studio use to be above the now defunct Conduit NIght Club on South Broad Street across the street from the Sun Bank Arena.
I did not travel this year so there’s nothing to report from Art Basel Miami my favorite destination the first week of December I didn’t even have enough cash to visit my Family in Atlanta for Christmas but I didn’t go without being with close friends for the celebration which are illustrated below. Philadelphia has been good to me this year and I have been spending more and more time there discovering things that I may have overlooked or totally just haven’t had the time to explore until now.
I could mention a third & fourth event that may or may not be significant but I don’t want to report prematurely the results for fear of jinxing the two projects that magically fell into my lap. More on this probably next year 2013!! Stay tuned.

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia,PA

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia, PA

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~ 17/05/09

This is Princeton’s new accessory to the usual campus style that dominates the streets but, thats all changing due to a infusion of hip and artsy business owners. One store in particular is Niko Niko that seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to street style and global culture that is becoming more noticeable thanks to the internet where information is exchanged in hyper real time.

The same owners of this play imaginative clothing boutique have a mother store called “Morning Glory” where they sell the greatest toys and accessories for the child in everyone and y

He hits below the belt.

He hits below the belt.

ou can now purchase my custom designed toy/sculptures at “Niko Niko”.