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Autor: KaM©

~ 19/04/17

As the great Tupac Shakur once sang “I get around” even though it takes a great deal of effort. It just so happens that there was a break in the weather and it reached nearly 75 degrees on this day in early April.
I contacted my amazing personal stylist friend the “Do-Over Specialist” Victoria to accompany me to this somewhat controversial exhibition held on the 69th floor of one the World Trade Center buildings. The host of the evening was (WTG)World Trade Gallery est.1981 who curated the show selecting a grouping of artists who have an association with ‘Street Art’ which is no longer called ‘Graffiti’if you technically don’t use your tag in your paintings or reference Hanna Barbara characters.
Regardless of the reason the art was selected and the artists chosen I had a fantastic time just taking in the view from high above the city.
It was a night that only these photos do a small courtesy.

Artists KaM© And Do-Over Specialist Victoria Watznauer @4 World Trade Center New York.

‘Art Party’ on the 69th floor.
Photo: credit ©photoVW2017

Opening at 4 World Trade Center. Photo: photoVW©2017

Autor: KaM©

~ 03/06/15

'Englewood Cliffs' works on paper 8" x 10"

‘Englewood Cliffs’ works on paper 8″ x 10″

'Til Death' series Corrie Kibler

‘Til Death’ series Corrie Kibler

Rarely do I post pictures of new works of art on this blog page but, I must have something to show someone who may be interested in seeing my artwork.

The working method has changed dramatically from what I’ve been working on for the past year, it seems that experimentation is the optimal word here because I love to push the boundaries between past & present influences.

This time I’ve taken a step back in order to move forward using collage as the main ingredient.The materials are also a revisit from past experiments with stencil and spray paint and of course my WOWO® technique.

The subject matter is a little softer in content and I call these paintings ‘Cafe Style’ in the sense that the narrative is romance and longevity.

Autor: KaM©

~ 06/05/12

Group exhibition curated by Leon Rainbow.

Next month I’m included in this urban art exhibition along with sixteen street & contemporary artists and two photographers that have documented the third coming of graffiti art and letter based abstraction along with stenciling, a spinoff genre to tagging.

The place, the Riverfront Renaissance Center is a very active place which provides not only artist exhibitions but educational programming for the local community to learn more about the benefits of all types of artistic practices.It’s a very large exhibition space with plenty of restaurants flanking either side of the building along it’s main street.
The last exhibition I was included in at this facility was also an urban art themed show in 2008 where I exhibited a couple of my designer custom toys/sculpture which received a bit of local press to my enjoyment.

This time I will also be exhibiting several of my new platform Qees,Frombie,Oshi the kid and the popular Dunny themed character with a few other surprises sure to spark the imagination of patrons young and old.

The opening reception will be held on June 15th from 6:00 until 9:00 pm and is free to the public. For more information visit the centers website at or phone 856-327-4500><

New video of the exhibition by LUV1 images by Andrew Wilkinson.

Autor: KaM©

~ 30/08/11

Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam @ TerraCycle courtyard Trenton, Nj

A few

A few weeks ago now I participated in Leon Rainbow’s massive graffiti writers jam right in my old home town of Trenton New Jersey where I now find myself on the outside now looking in.
I ran into my friends Jim Gordon and famous photographer Jon Naar who was interviewed along with myself by a documentarian from Brooklyn New York. I was told the interview runs for about fifteen minutes and discusses quite candidly the new street art movement that has overshadowed somewhat the original graffiti movement that originated back in the late 1960’s as a form of communication between urban communities.
I give Mr. Rainbow a lot of credit for keeping the passion of art alive and bringing it to the public (well sorta) so all can enjoy especially the children of the once booming industrial town that now yearns to establish a new identity for itself going into the twenty first century.
I wish I could capture the entire mood of the day in one photograph but that would be impossible given the scale of this event and its multi- sectional locations where painters painted their asses off and some local and transported rappers did their thing in the loading dock of the building.What a great day to be an artist and express yourself without worrying about getting caught.