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Autor: KaM©

~ 04/12/16

Dunny by KaM© "Life Is Something Special" album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Dunny by KaM© “Life Is Something Special” album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Almost perfect timing with the “World Aids Day” recognition December 1st. of every year.
I have had an interesting journey to get to where I sit and write today.
There are snippets of the story along with detailed accounts of everything thats missing in this fantastic article written by Susan Van Dongen who came by the studio last May for the Interview.

I must give her a lot of respect for allowing me to get it out there for the world to read.
Check it out!

Autor: admin

~ 23/04/06

I don’t expect that too many of you ever had the pleasure to visit this very special club Hugh Hefner’s own private playground for the social hipsters.If you have had the opportunity then you will know about the diso on the fourth floor simply called “Hefs”disco and you had to have a key that would allow you to access the floor via elevator.There were other floors that you could enjoy if you had the right key which was handed to you by a gorgeous “Playboy Bunny”who screened you at the door.I had the chance to become a member at the time and I remember this beautiful lady giving me this application to fill out.I had the time of my life that night roaming from floor to floor checking out every door in the place looking for something special.Redsaid p.s.The artwork was done by yours truly I was so excited that next day I drew on the envelope and years later made a work of art out of the application itself which hangs in my office today.