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~ 29/03/17

Home of the honest artist.

9/11 video @Red Balloon Studio
The producer of this video exposé just posted this to my Facebook page a few days ago. I am so grateful for this footage to now be viewed by the entire world.It illustrates the power I posses to predict certain events when I gather information through the media.

This creation no longer exists in its original state but I am so grateful that this film was created to preserve one of the greatest works of art I’ve ever produced.

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~ 19/08/15

Two exhibitions that are on view right now locally have a significant point of reference which is the artwork produced by three artists.
The timing couldn’t be any better to see the artwork of an artist and where his or her influence comes from first hand all at once by visiting two local museums during the month of August.

To make a long story short and interesting I will start by saying “These two artist Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are really at the center when it comes to understanding my particular style of mixing Neo-expressionism Pop and social political issues all together.

I’ve also left clues to the past by using images from art history that I find relevant and to the point I’m trying to make. Most people have no idea that I am a part of that movement Howie Montaug coined “The New York Downtown 500” of which I was number 499 if anyone is counting.

On August 9th I gave a gallery talk at the museum and I simply instructed the audience to visit the Princeton Art Museum to look at the work of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring then return to the Trenton City Museum and look once again at my two sculptures. Clearly you will see the heavy influence these two artists had on me and my continuation of the dialog that is still relevant to todays social and moral issues.

Of Color.... exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Of Color…. exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

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~ 28/09/14

Artist Karey Maurice @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC 2014

Authors: Amy Yates Wuelfing & Steven Dilodovico with artist Karey Maurice.

This summer was the most unusual for the author due to I usually try to enjoy the great outdoors. Although I got out and about locally I did do just few outings that were more like reconnaissance missions for the things I needed for my new studio and;personal image.
I did attend a book signing in the spring for ‘Notice: No Slam Dancing No Stage Diving No Spikes’ in New York @ Jonathan LeVine gallery and it was a terrible experience because of my problems and the authors don’t seem very inclusive when it comes to explaining to people that “I have the best stories in the book” as written in my signed copy of the damn thing.

The optimal word of this post is job because I worked very hard on creating the atmosphere that will be conducive to the future of living here in Princeton New Jersey as a person living with a disability and productive artist god willing. I not only totally renovated the studio I made some improvements physically and this allowed me to finish what I started two months ago.

I made some new friends in the literary world that somewhere down the line I will find out the purpose of their presents in my life. One world renowned writer/poet I met at the gym of all places has given me permission to use some of his writing for a collaborative project for WCA (World Citizen Artists) a group that I joined recently. I know it’s to premature to guess what’s coming next?

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~ 08/08/14

US1 cover of (artist sculptor) Seward Johnson

I just picked up a copy of the local “What’s Happening” news paper US1 that serves Mercer’s County with vital information about current businesses/ people profiles/social events/community networking opportunities but thats not all.

For years since the paper was introduced to the public it has been a vital source of information about people and what their passion is and how it relates to the rest of us in a tangible way.

“Something you can sink your teeth into if you know what I mean?” In other words the information can be useful and when it comes to covering the activities of local artists I can’t think of another person [I stand corrected: Ilene Dube & Janet Parcel] who has consistently reported on the State of The Arts more than Mr. Dan Aubrey who I have known since my brief college years at Mercer County Community College and my off and on relationship with TAWA (Trenton Artist Workshop) over the past three decades.

Dan has managed to be where the action is consistently in his writing about the local art scene which is very well known at this point thanks to his heads up reporting for example his latest article on Seward Johnson founder of Grounds for Sculpture and the man I like to call the Walt Disney of art for the common man.

Trenton in particular seriously needed someone passionate enough to capture what has been going on underneath the radar (now computer) screens of the world actually. I often though about doing the job myself going around to different events and giving my opinion about it but I didn’t think people would take me seriously because of a lack of academic credentials on my part. So I’m glad we have a person like Mr. Aubrey who has been around long enough to sift through the sh_t and only write about the Shine-Ola!! Great Job! Dan Aubrey I solute you….

My Seward Johnson story begins right when the family was going through all that Estate problems because it was highly publicized. I was working at the time ironically right down the street from where I currently live. The department store named Epstein’s is where she [The Mistress] would pull up in a limousine and buy her shoe(s) and; everybody always gossiped about the help (Maid) inheriting Jasna Polana the family Estate on route 206 that is now a world class golf course and country club for the elite. I also use to live walking distance from this unbelievable property and had the pleasure of attending a couple of events there. To describe how the Johnson’s lived in that particular location would be exploitive if I went into detail about the decor. Lets just say no expense was spared!

Shortly after those events and a few failed attempts to join the foundry as an apprentice sculptor I ended up working in 2001 at the restaurant RAT’s inside Grounds For Sculpture and I met Seward a few times while he was entertaining people in his private studio which has a door located in one of the dining rooms upstairs of the restaurant. His journey is unorthodox and I certainly can relate to that and truly believe in the karma that he spoke about in Mr. Aubrey’s article.

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~ 15/07/13

Riot On The Dance Floor/The Movie poster_Randy_Ellis

City Gardens night club Trenton,New Jersey

An Oral History: A film and book about the now defunct nightclub City Gardens located in Trenton (Ewing) New Jersey.

This will sort of be an; “extra extra read all about it,” kinda post because I couldn’t begin to explain how important this story is to my social life and,a pivotal point in my artistic life that meant living a double edge sword kinda of life living for the moment really.
Back then when this club was in its prime of operation and provided a sort of underground but very much above ground safe haven for the artsy type who weren’t sure if they were going to become professional artists or much less graduate from the local college campuses that were just short cab rides from this now infamous night spot. Those who didn’t have cars couldn’t bum rides because of their self-inflicted anti socialism and loyalty to the dance. In this case it was called the (90¢ cent Dance night.) that was a starving artist(s) or anyone’s dream admission price.Plus. 90¢ draught beer all night made it very lively on most Thursday evenings.
I would attend this night club every week from 1979 all the way up til its closing sometime around 1998 I believe or it could have been a few years after that but the club that I knew and loved had long gone anyway once it became known by people who just wanted a cheap drink and a freak show!!
And so now a movie and book will be released some time this year and I was told that I may appear in the movie somewhere as an extra because they do show some 90¢ dance night footage in the film “Riot On The Dance Floor” featuring the promoter Randy “Now” Ellis and how he put his whole life into the club and has no retirement plan to grow old and graceful for bringing such an cultural & musical institution to Trenton, New Jersey.
I have been interviewed for the book ” No Slam Dancing,No Stage Diving,No Spikes an oral history.” talking about my experience and input into the visual aesthetic of the interior of the club as well as some personal stories that I felt comfortable about speaking to be publicized in a book. I hope somebody buys the rights to both stories and makes a film that tells the complete story with no one side outweighing the other;which the nightclub truly deserves because it was our local CBGB’s that hosted some of the very same bands.

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~ 28/12/12

When I think about the the passage of time (in this case 365 days.) I try to think about the most significant events that literally made a difference in my life. The one that stands out the most is the fact that I have a permanent residence in a place that I could only imagine if my pockets were a lot fatter, but,somehow the universe has opened up and allowed me to settle into my new digs.I love being in Princeton, New Jersey it seems Ideal for a person like me who has limited mobility who needs the convenience of public transportation and a small hamlet of a town to do my shopping and of course,socializing in the local bars & restaurants.
The second important event(s) was working on my health at the health center and see major improvements from the time I signed up and seeing the results right before my eyes and making this regiment a permanent part of my new lifestyle.
I did however experience a few eye opening revelations while I tried to reclaim my old stomping grounds (Trenton,NJ) but the powers that be made sure that wouldn’t happen;not on their watch and, rightfully so because I’ve learned that you can’t re-step into your old footprints because you hopefully have new shoes on your feet at the moment. Coming in February I will be exhibiting my new artwork at the Trenton Social located where my second studio use to be above the now defunct Conduit NIght Club on South Broad Street across the street from the Sun Bank Arena.
I did not travel this year so there’s nothing to report from Art Basel Miami my favorite destination the first week of December I didn’t even have enough cash to visit my Family in Atlanta for Christmas but I didn’t go without being with close friends for the celebration which are illustrated below. Philadelphia has been good to me this year and I have been spending more and more time there discovering things that I may have overlooked or totally just haven’t had the time to explore until now.
I could mention a third & fourth event that may or may not be significant but I don’t want to report prematurely the results for fear of jinxing the two projects that magically fell into my lap. More on this probably next year 2013!! Stay tuned.

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia,PA

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia, PA

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~ 28/09/12

Closing BBQ party at Windows of Soul on E.Hanover Street Trenton, New Jersey

To describe the scene on Friday night is easy I can do it with one word (Cool) but, I must add exciting because there were a lot of cameras in the house taking pictures of the crowd enjoying the high quality artwork that was on display in the gallery at 219 E. Hanover Street when I arrived.

I found a comfortable seat on a couch in the back gallery/project room and then was informed by Angelo Donofrio [videographer from NYC] that the interview that he produced that I did with famed photographer Jon Naar at last years JERSEY FRESH JAM was being shown on a video monitor right in front of me.

Street artwork on the windows & doors on E.Hanover St. Trenton, New Jersey

Artwork that fills the windows on one of the buildings on E.Hanover St. Trenton,NJ

I forgot all about it and although I was not able to here it at the time I found myself  mesmerized by myself standing next to Jon talking about the current street art scene which has seen a third or fourth resurrection in recent years and is the reason for this report on this particular mammoth event on one of the worst blocks in the downtown Trenton area.

I did not attend Saturdays events that were scheduled with workshops and installation of some of the IMPORTED artwork from all over the world because I thought it would be best to capture the end results on Sunday and enjoy the block party then I could see how successful the project really was in terms of beautification of a simi-abandoned city block.

I had no doubts that this event would transform the buildings and create a major example of what art can do for a city but in retrospect I wish I could have seen more diverse artwork on those boarded up windows and doors although I am not condemning the efforts that were put fourth. It looked to me that the collective organizers were trying to make sure most of the panels were covered by crew members and everything else was an afterthought.

No matter what my critique is about this event it was a huge success and it makes your wonder;if the SAGE collective can transform on entire city block in three days, just imagine that there were more artists groups dedicated to transforming the entire downtown what they could accomplish?

I highly recommend you take a walk on E.Hanover Street  (if your local) on your lunch break or during the day so you can see how visually powerful the artwork is in person and make sure you stop in the gallery to see something you actually can buy and live with forever.

I be editing some video I shot on the event to publish at a later time so be sure to check back for more on the ‘Windows of Soul’ beautification project.

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~ 06/09/11

Shepard Fairey in front of his now iconic Barack Obama poster.

Last month the Atlantic Wire reported that Shepard Fairey had been attacked in Denmark after the opening of  his exhibition there and the angry mob shouted “Obama illuninati” (whatever that means) as they clocked the graphic artist with right hooks.

When I first heard about the incident I almost jumped for joy for reasons associated with the white washing of real urban street culture  which Fairey along with a slew of other graphic artist have benefitted tremendously over the past two decades creating a subsidiary of the original graffiti genre that included “Hip Hop” music and circle break dancing, is now called “Street Art” where it is marketed exclusively in the media and supported by new contemporary art galleries around the world.

In an Interview I did together with photographer Jon Naar (Faith Of Graffiti) at this years Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam @ TerraCycle®  in Trenton,NJ last month he pointed out that the movement has lost its sense of messaging (the pretext to text messaging if you will) or communicating to other fellow artist or friends in other parts of the city via subway trains & stations. Now its just painting images and filling up wall space with almost pure graphic images with the occasional social political statement.To me that is no different than the large billboard advertisements you see all over the place selling you a bag of potato chips or a hooker wearing your favorite colors as she walks down the street.

What I don’t get about these people who place stickers & posters all over the place is the fact that they are not selling anything so it seems, and then their messages and images are wack and so personalized, or worse, borrowed; that its just once again,advertisement. The difference is that these images are now transformed into products instantly and marketed to people who don’t live on the very streets they deface making it more visually obvious that there is some neglect or disrespect for the area there’re putting their garbage up and its usually called the ghetto or hood by the masses and the whole issue of exploitation for profit comes to mind.

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~ 25/03/09

Opening night at this show was fantastic there must have been two hundred people or more who attended last Saturday night. It was great to see some folks that I haven’t seen in quite some time. The new sculptures worked well with some of my older stuff although they looked fresh as the frist day of spring that just happened to fall on the same day.

The cameras were rolling to capture the entire event and I can’t wait to see what the show looked like from someone else’s perspective. I was Interviewed during the exhibition about one of my more social political paintings that raises some questions about September 11,2001 and may suggest more than I could possibley comment on while being totally conscious of the fact that I’m beening filmed for postarity.

If you missed the opening of the show you still have time to visit the exhibition and we are doing a gallery talk on April 11, at 2:00pm and possibly a closing party on April 25th so say tuned

Karey Maurice, James Cary,Andrew Wilkinson,Thom Reaves

Karey Maurice, James Cary,Andrew Wilkinson,Thom Reaves

 and check out the artwork that is sure to get your mind off thinking about current events like our economy and how much fun we all are not really having because we don’t see real people do real things without it being filtered to us through the television.

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~ 13/05/07

artwork Karey Maurice for Red Balloon Studio © 2001

This is a day that I have mixed emotions about because I don’t know weather to honor or celebrate the life of someone who gave me life, but, is no longer here.
I lost my Mother in 2001 to breast cancer and I was very close to her and I knew long before anyone else that she wasn’t going to be around to see me grow as an person first and, a great artist second.I knew she had some indication that I wasn’t going to go the traditional route of most people beause I was very physically active with objects as a child and she really tried to help but,she didn’t know how to direct my talent.
I am very greatful to know her because as I watched her struggle with her illness she always presented herself as if nothing was wrong. I admire her strenght through it all and it has taught me how to suffer with dignity when you are going through tough times.Sometimes I wish I could go back in time just as I am today and present myself to her, and I would say”Look Mom, I am all grown up now,you don’t have to worry about me.
Just before she died we made peace with our different personallities and I said that I loved her,then she asked me to remove her jewelry because she was not going to make it.I replied that I knew this was true and I walked away from her hospital bed.
For all of you that are experiencing the joy and pain of having being born in the world,which is pretty much all of us, just remember that you only get one Mother so go out and celebrate your own relationship with your Mother no matter how strife it may be. RedSaid

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